PAD-US (CBI Edition) Version 2.1b, California

May 8, 2017 (Last modified Apr 17, 2020)
This dataset is an update of California from PAD-US (CBI Edition) Version 2.1a. PAD-US (CBI Edition) Version 2.1a which includes updates on National Forest Lands, National Monument (including Berryessa Snow National Monument, Castle Mountains National Monument, Mojave Trails National Monument, and Sand to Snow National Monument), State Lands, Local Lands and Private Conservation Lands.

PAD-US (CBI Edition) Version 2.1b includes the U.S. Bureau of Land Management's Land Use Planning Amendment (LUPA) from the Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan (DRECP). The LUPA updates the boundaries of the National Conservation Areas, Wilderness Study Areas, Research Natural Areas and Area of Critical Environmental Concern within the DRECP project boundary. The conservation GAP status for two designations (Area of Critical Environmental Concern and Wilderness Study Area) have been elevated from GAP status 2 to GAP status 1, because the higher level of conservation restriction placed on these designations are related to specified disturbance caps on these lands. For more information see Appendix B of the LUPA.
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PAD-US (CBI Edition) Version 2.1b, California. Conservation Biology Institute. [2016]. Download link:
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